The Fabulous Follow-Up – three steps to winning the instructions you love blogpost for estate agents by Sam Ashdown

You got in to value that beautiful home you’d love to list – hurray! At worst, you’re one of three agents they’re considering. So how do you make sure that you come out on top? That you’re their agent of choice?

It almost certainly is not about your fee, so before you think about discounting it as a sweetener, stop! Instead, design a follow-up process that positions you as the expert, shows your passion for the instruction, and ensures you stand out head and shoulders above the competition.

To give you inspiration, here’s our AJ 3-Step Follow-up Process that helps us win 90% of all high-value instructions. But be sure to resist the temptation to copy – your own unique approach is what’s important here!


Step One – The Written Proposal

It’s vital for the left-brained person that they have a written proposal from you. What’s a left-brained person, I hear you ask? Left-brainers tend to favour facts and figures, tables and spreadsheets. They aren’t particularly interested in your beautiful images and brochures, but in what you’ve actually done. Share with them case studies and precise figures, and you’ll be speaking their language. A clue you’re dealing with a left-brained person is their occupation; scientists, engineers, doctors, accountants – these all tend to be fact-seekers. Give them the information in a fact-based proposal without embellishments (visually or textually) and they’ll be much happier making a decision

Here are some of the ingredients you can include in a written sale proposal:

  • Background – describes their home in simple terms
  • Information about your agency – number of branches, when established, specialisms etc
  • Proposal – what marketing you’re actually going to do for their home
  • Recommended marketing price – with evidence and research
  • Terms and conditions – you can include your contract terms, or a simplified version of them

A cartoon illustration of left-brain and right-brain

Step Two – Post-Val Video

Right-brained people love videos. They seek out the visual, and are attracted to passion and enthusiasm. They want to know what you’ll do to sell their home in a visual way – the styling you’ll do for the photoshoot, the images you’ll create, the brochure you’ll design; these are the important elements for them.

That’s why a video is the best way to communicate your message to right-brained people.

Here’s how we create ours:

  • The Six Factors You Need for a Fabulous Post-Val Video

1. Thank them for their time, mention their dog/children/holidays or something else pertinent to your meeting

2. Purpose of the video – to explain how you’ll sell their home for the price they want in the timescale they need

3. The 3 Ps

    • Talk them through the presentation of their home; does anything need changing or styling for the photoshoot?

    • The asking price you’d recommend, and why

    • How you’ll promote their home – photography, brochures, portals, drone, etc.

4. Compare with any other properties you’ve sold or are selling. Show a brochure if appropriate and explain what happened.

5. Summarise what you’ve said in simple terms

6. Call to action – what do you want them to do next?


The techie stuff


What to film on?

We use our iphones on a tripod – no microphone needed


Where to host?

We pay for a subscription to Wistia but it’s not necessary when you first start doing these. Just upload to YouTube and send them an unlisted link. Wetransfer and Vimeo are also good alternatives.


Things to consider:

  • Lighting – face a light source or buy a dedicated light
  • Do a sound test – most people will forgive poor video but not poor audio
  • Use a whiteboard so you remember their names and the name of the house
  • Add a ‘sting’ for extra professionalism – this is an animated logo you can add to the beginning and end of your video
A screenshot of a post-val video of Sam and Phil

some of our post-val videos have been watched more than 15 times!


Step Three – Persistency

There’s no point in working hard to get the valuation, doing a great job of creating rapport and need in your prospective clients, following up with a written proposal and a post-val video, and then just stopping there. “80% of sales require 5 follow-up calls after the meeting. 44% of sales reps give up after 1 follow-up,” according to the Brevet Group, sales specialists. If this is you, it’s time to ramp up your follow-up efforts. Here are our top tips for effective follow-ups:

  • Don’t just email and leave it – you need to prove you can be persistent and tenacious – after all, isn’t that what you’ve promised you’ll do to sell their home?
  • Follow up by various means, not just email or phone. Try voice note, video note, hand written note, and various channels – WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and iMessage.
  • Always get their permission to get in touch again, so they’re expecting your next contact.
  • If they start ghosting you, leave it a little while then make sure your next communication is compelling and intriguing, and if possible, not directly about the instruction. For example, if they’re a restaurateur, you could book a table in their restaurant and leave a review, then send a note of thanks to them for a great meal. Or forward details of a dog walker/plumber/window cleaner you mentioned in the valuation appointment.
  • Bottom line is to make it about THEM, not you.
  • DON’T GIVE UP! If you can honestly say you’re the very best agent to sell their home, you owe it to them to persist until you secure the instruction.

A cartoon illustration of a person who were close to success and gives up and a person who is persistence and never give up

We teach our AJ 3-Step Follow-up Process in detail in our brilliant Behind the Scenes at AJ days in Windermere. To check out the details and see when our next one is, just click here or the big red button below and it’ll take you to our events page.

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FAQs about our Behind the Scenes at AJ days:


How much is the day to attend?

FREE! Nada, njet, nothing. All we ask is for a small deposit that’s completely refundable on arrival. We even give you a delicious lunch!


How many people can I bring?

Just one – it’s a small, intimate event so we keep numbers low. You’re welcome to bring a partner or key member of your team.


What’s the purpose of the day?

  • To help you identify where you might be underperforming
  • To give you some structure and focus
  • To show you how we do what we do
  • To give you the opportunity to meet the key members of our team and put your questions to them

Sam and Phil and some agents on Behind the Scenes of AshdownJones in Windermere

What will I learn?

  • An in-depth analysis of what bespoke marketing is, and how you can use it to win higher value instructions
  • How to structure your team and your agency for maximum growth
  • Our AJ processes and systems – see our ‘boards’ and follow our methods to create your own best practices
  • How to launch a high-value brand as an addition to your existing brand, at minimal cost
  • Free-for-all Q&A – ask us your burning questions!


Why do you show other agents behind the scenes at your agency??

Great question! We know it can be lonely on your own in business, and we love to bring together dynamic business owners and entrepreneurial spirits. There’s always a vast wealth of knowledge and experience in the room and we want to give you a supportive, energetic environment to grow your business.

PLUS we wouldn’t be serving you at the highest level if we didn’t introduce you to Mastermind and tell you what it could offer you and your agency if it’s a good fit.


What do other agents say about the day?

“Absolutely loved it! So much to go away and implement.”

“Really opened our eyes to what’s possible.”

“After 28 years in the industry I didn’t really think I’d learn anything but I was so wrong!”

Behind the Scenes of AshdownJones in Windermere


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