What makes a great estate agent? Learn from some of the best entrepreneurs in the world and discover the attributes that separate the GOOD from the GREAT. 

Are you a great estate agent?

I’m currently reading Lewis Howes’ book, The School of Greatness, in which he breaks greatness into eight simple steps. For his book, he interviewed hundreds of successful entrepreneurs and business owners, then collated the results into his Eight Principles of Greatness. (I’ve also added a book recommendation for those of you who would like to dig deeper into any of these principles.)

1. Clarifying Your Vision

Lewis says:

Before you set out on your personal quest, you have to clearly see the action steps to make it happen.

Sam says:

What are you working for? Is it to earn more so that you can buy more stuff? Or do you have a higher purpose? A strong vision will help you overcome the obstacles you will meet, and the difficulties you will face, which leads nicely onto….

Try reading: The One Thing – Gary Keller

2. Embracing Adversity

Lewis says:

Challenge and struggle are a natural part of growth.

Sam says:

Being an estate agent isn’t easy! Managing other’s expectations and egos will sometimes make you wonder if you’re in the right job at all. Try to see each problem as a challenge, and each struggle as a lesson you can learn from.

 Try reading: The Obstacle is the Way – Ryan Holiday

3. Cultivating a Champion’s Mindset

Lewis says:

You can’t guarantee that you’ll win every time, but you can always set yourself up for the opportunity to win.

Sam says:

Being a successful estate agent – be it the MD or junior negotiator – means not just spotting opportunities, but creating them. If you create the right environment for yourself, and have the right mindset, you’ll be amazed at the opportunities that will somehow come your way.

Try reading: The Big Leap – Gay Hendricks

4. Committing to Hustle

Lewis says:

A willingness to do whatever it takes will take you where mere talent can’t.

Sam says:

Being prepared to do what your competitors won’t, is the fastest way to set yourself apart from them. They won’t door knock? Great! You will, so get out there. They don’t believe in social media? Terrific! Create a ‘be everywhere’ strategy and dominate the social media channels in your area. Hustle, and keep hustling, and you’ll smash the competition.

Try reading: Do the Work – Steven Pressfield

5. Mastering Your Health

Lewis says:

Your health (emotional, mental and physical) can either hold you back or drive you forward–which way do you choose?

Sam says:

Richard Branson was once asked for his best ever piece of advice for entrepreneurs. Do you know what it was? He said, “Keeping fit”. He recognises that without a strong body, you won’t have the energy to keep going and push through at difficult times in your business. Eating healthily and looking after yourself will give you the edge in business, and in life.

Try reading: Thrive – Arianna Huffington

6. Practicing Positive Habits

Lewis says:

Without intentional habits, life turns into a nothing but a series of reactions.

Sam says:

Something you do once a week, isn’t a habit. Habits are daily activities that can contribute to – or detract from – your success. For example, if you have a daily habit of going to the bakers’ for a cake with your morning coffee, over time this is going to impact your health in a negative way, reduce your energy levels and deplete your bank balance. But if you have a daily habit to write a blog each day, imagine the positive impact this could have on your website traffic, professional credibility, and your position as an expert in your community. Each of these habits could take 20-30 minutes, so choose your habits wisely.

Try reading: The Slight Edge – Jeff Olson

7. Realising You Can’t Achieve Greatness Alone

Lewis says:

A powerful, reliable team is the key to building something that’s bigger than yourself.

Sam says:

There’s a famous quote that goes, “if you are the smartest person in the room then you are in the wrong room”. By surrounding yourself with people that are cleverer than you are, you can skyrocket your business through their brains and expertise. So learn to let go and delegate, trust in your team, oh, and hire smart people!

Try reading: Tribal Leadership – Dave Logan, John King, Halee Fischer-Wright

8. Being of Service to Others

Lewis says:

The crowning moment of greatness is giving your gift to the world.

Sam says:

The more I help others, the more successful I become; it’s not a coincidence. Don’t give to receive, but have faith in the law of Karma: what you give out, will come back to you.

 Try reading: Give and Take – Adam Grant

So I ask you again, are you a GREAT estate agent?

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What makes a GREAT estate agent?


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