Do you believe that you are literally the only person in your business who can do things the right way? You’re not alone.  I recently wrote about how to delegate, as it’s something small business owners really struggle with. If you’re an independent, single-office agency, then you have no doubt had to be Jack of all trades, but being master of none can be a problem.

Chris Ducker from Virtual Stafffinder calls this Superhero Syndrome, but warns it can soon lead to burnout.  It’s hard to let go, especially when you’ve been used to being the only one at the helm for so long, but Chris suggests writing ‘3 Lists to Freedom’ as a starting point to see what you can effectively delegate.  He recommends you write a list of all the tasks:

1. You HATE doing

2. You CAN’T do

3. You SHOULDN’T be doing

Mine might look a bit like this:

1. I HATE cleaning up my computer files (and therefore it never gets done)

2. I CAN’T install new plugins on my site (I always mess things up)

3. I SHOULDN’T be uploading my blogposts (because it’s simple but time-consuming to do)

Once you have your three lists, then you can plan how you’re going to delegate them, because whilst you’re doing things you hate, can’t do, and shouldn’t do, you aren’t doing things you love, can do and should do!


What’s on your three lists?

Let me know in the comments below.

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One thought on “Are you suffering from Superhero Syndrome?

  1. Phil 9 years ago

    Hi Sam,
    Even raining in sunny Shropshire today!
    I hate filing and all physical files – isn’t that what digital is for?
    I struggle with I can’t – there is no such word as can’t – you have to be creative and find a way!
    I shouldn’t be researching information for sales particulars – and so I am now writing a brief, identifying the sort of person I need to expand the business and revising the business plan to justify their recruitment.
    Hope all is well with you in Cumbria.