5 ½ Simple Tools to Win More Landlords

The hardest thing I’ve ever done…

Marketing for letting agents is really, really hard.

It’s ok for sales agents. They can send out letters to properties on the market, and be pretty confident they will hit their mark.

They have lots of pretty pictures they can use to attract new vendors.

And when they do get an instruction, they know they’ll be banking at least a 4-figure fee a few months down the line, and maybe even a 5-figure sum.


It’s not so easy for letting agents.

They can’t leaflet tenanted properties.

They don’t usually have lifestyle images of their rentals to use in their marketing.

And a new landlord is often only worth around £100 – £150 a month to them – at best. 

But letting agents are often highly motivated, hard-working and dedicated people. They passionately want to grow their agencies.

They desperately seek marketing that actually works.

They are willing to learn and ready to try anything.

And that got me thinking.


What would I do if I opened a letting agency tomorrow?

How would I grow it?

What marketing would I test and systemise, to make sure I could generate landlord leads?

I spent hours on the phone and on WhatsApp asking letting agents what was working for them. I wanted to understand their pains and problems.

I needed to know what it felt like to be a letting agent, frustrated by the lack of growth.

And I decided I needed to find a way to help them do exactly that – to be able to grow consistently and purposefully without a) bankrupting themselves and b) waiting years.

So I dug deep. I took myself off to Scotland and gazed at the sea whilst I pondered this question:

“What would I do if I opened a letting agency?”

It was a very painful process, for someone who has grown a very successful estate agency from scratch to a £700k turnover in year 3.

But lettings is an entirely different ball game. We both know that.


I think I’ve done it.

After discarding way too many tactics I’m just not sure would work, I’ve come up with 5 (and a half) solid tools I genuinely believe I would use to grow my lettings agency (if I had one).

I did consider writing a book on growing a lettings agency. Maybe I still will.

But in the meantime, I really want to show them to the letting agents I know follow me.  And that’s why I’ve decided to run my first-ever Letting Agent Webinar on Tuesday 1st December at 11am.

5 ½ Simple Tools to Win More Landlords

So I have three questions for you:

1. Are you the owner of an independent letting agency?
2. Are you committed to growing your agency to a new level in 2021?
3. Do you promise you’ll show up to the webinar live, stay till the end, and action what you’ve learned?

3 yeses? Great.

In that case, I invite you to apply to join me.

Because this webinar is a bit different from the hundreds I’ve run before…

You see, I don’t want hundreds of agents on this webinar.

I just want a couple of dozen highly-motivated, committed-to-growth, action-orientated letting agents to not only show up live and make loads of notes, but also take quick and decisive action at the end.

So that’s why I’ve implemented a by-invitation-only policy on this webinar.

To apply, you need to answer 7 questions you can access by clicking on the big green button below.

5 ½ Simple Tools to Win More Landlords

And if your application to join this free session is successful, I’ll see you on Tuesday 1st December at 11am.

If not, keep an eye on your inbox for other webinars I may run later next year.

To making 2021 the best year ever


5 ½ Simple Tools to Win More Landlords

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