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Did you catch my blogpost last week on email marketing, and how you can use it to get more valuations?

If you are keen to know exactly how you can use this very cool and mostly under-used marketing tool, then jump on my FREE training session THIS THURSDAY –


Email Marketing to Boost Your Stock!

I’m so pleased to be able to share my best email marketing ideas with you! Email marketing is such an under-utilised tool, and the only agents who are doing it right, in my humble opinion, happen to be my clients! Forgive the trumpet playing; I take several trips each year to the very best conferences and seminars on marketing, all over the world, so I can bring back these secrets to you about what’s working – right now.

Not only do I have a ton of brilliant ideas to share with you, but also I’ve tailored this free training around exactly what you’ve said you need to know:

  • How to ‘mine’ your database so that your very best prospects reach out to YOU
  • Which subject lines get the most opens
  • Exactly how to automate your emails, including the secrets of my 150 email sequence!
  • Why your current CRM isn’t good enough for email marketing – and which one I use
  • How to convert an email subscriber to a valuation appointment

And much much more.

Are you going to join me? I hope so; after all, your competitors may be on the call!

My free trainings are always full to bursting – we have a limit of 250 attendees – and I won’t be sending out a recording, so Test, clear the time in your diary and join me on Thursday 20th April at 2pm for Email Marketing to Boost Your Stock!

See you there?


PS I’d love to hear your email marketing questions in advance so I can answer them on the training, so please send me your most challenging issues!

 email marketing

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